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List of invited papers for IEEE ANTS 2014

1.       QoS Provisioning for Multiple Femtocells via Game Theory
Vadingadu Udaya Sankar (Indian Institute of Science, India); Vinod Sharma (Indian Institute of Science, India)

2.      Block the Blocker: A Blocker-Tag Agnostic ALOHA-Based Tag Reading Protocol in Dense RFID System
Veeramani Mahendran (University of Oklahoma, USA); Chandrika Satyavolu (The University of Oklahoma, USA); Sridhar Radhakrishnan (University of Oklahoma, USA); Venkatesh Sarangan (Tata Consultancy Services, India)

3.       LTE Multicast Communication for Demand Response in Smart Grids
Abhishek Roy (Samsung Electronics, Korea); Navrati Saxena (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea); Radha Kandoori (Sungkuynkwan University, Korea)

4.       QoS Associated Path Selection in Wireless Mesh Networks
Sandip Chakraborty (Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati, India); Sukumar Nandi (Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India)

5.       Forwarding and Routing Cluster-Based Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Randriatsiferana Rivo Sitraka, A. (University of La Réunion, France); Frederic Alicalapa (University of La Reunion, France); Antilahy Herimpitia T. C. (University of La Reunion, France); Richard Lorion (University La Réunion, France)

6.       Modulation-aware Multipath Routing and Spectrum Allocation in Elastic Optical Networks
Neha Kadu (Georgia State University, USA); Sunny Shakya (Georgia State University, USA); Xiaojun Cao (Georgia State University, USA)

7.       Challenges for 5G Transport Networks
Matteo Fiorani (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden); Paolo Monti (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden); Björn Skubic (Ericsson AB, Sweden); Jonas Mårtensson (Acreo AB, Sweden); Luca Valcarenghi (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy); Piero Castoldi (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy); Lena Wosinska (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

ANTS is the premier IEEE forum on networking and telecommunications topics in India and the only conference financially sponsored by IEEE Communications Society. One of the distinguishing goals of IEEE ANTS is to promote an intense dialogue between academia and industry to bridge the gap between academic research, industry initiatives, and governmental policies. This is fostered through panel discussions, keynotes, invited talks and industry exhibits where academia is exposed to state-of-practice and results from trials and interoperability experiments. The industry in turn benefits by exposure to leading-edge research in networking as well as the opportunity to communicate with academic researchers regarding practical problems that require further research.
  • Paper submissions: August 22, 2014
  • Tutorial, Panel, Exhibits/Demos Submission: September 15, 2014
  • PhD Forum Submissions: September 30, 2014
  • Notification of acceptance: October 15, 2014 October 17, 2014
  • Camera-Ready Submission: October 31, 2014 November 10, 2014
    (For Technical Paper, Exhibit/Demo and PhD Student Forum)
  • Author Registration:October 31, 2014 November 10, 2014
  • Early-bird Registration Ends: Nov. 15, 2014
  • Conference dates: December 14 - 17, 2014